Woodsy Wedding in Sunman, Indiana - Alia + Tyler

This day was as magical as it gets. The Reckman Family Farm in Sunman, Indiana holds a special place in my heart (beyond the obvious natural beauty that it provides) because it's the place I shot one of my first ever weddings. It's one of the most calm and serene places you could imagine and it was the perfect place for Alia and Tyler to get married. It had been sweltering hot in the weeks prior, but the weather magically turned into what felt like a cool, autumn day with slightly overcast skies. It could not have been better.

The love and kindness in the air was SO palpable. I honestly had never seen or felt anything like it. Alia and Tyler's closest friends and family were there to witness the day and I could see why after being stopped more times than I could count - so many thanked me graciously for being there to document their wedding. I swear, at least twenty people did just this. It was so humbling to experience. I can't thank these two enough for allowing Zac and I to be there with them and witness these moments. It could not have been better. Scroll and check it out to see what I mean, Billy Jean.