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I'm quite the introvert (holla to all my other INFPs) and see the world with a sensitive, caring heart. My desire to create fuels the art behind my photography and helps me build deep connections with every person I meet. I use my quiet ways to see moments otherwise unseen. This heart of mine runs on serving people through photography, and dang, what cool job it is.

If you know me, you'd know I love a good gin and tonic, Chemex coffee, everything bagels with a big 'ole schmear of cream cheese (I could alternate between eating bagels and pizza for the rest of my life and be completely content. Yes, I eat pineapple on my pizza; I’m one of those), listening to my dad's old record collection, and snuggling up with my fluffy pup Finn. 

I’ve moved more times than I could count, but Cincinnati has become my true home. It’s where I’ve lived the longest so far - eleven years! I originally went to college for pre-med and then switched to English literature and photography. Quite the change, right? 

I’ve been with my boo, Zac, for over eight years now. He’s the best and shoots weddings with me sometimes (he always brings the jokes). We’re getting married ourselves this September and couldn’t be more excited. Lastly, I’m addicted to traveling and seeing new places. I’ve traveled all over Europe, but have only been out west a few times. That’s changed as of last year and I can’t wait to continue traveling in 2019 with all of you cool cats! If you’ve made it this far, you da best and I’m sending you a virtual hug!


2019 travel dates

Brooklyn, New York // June 14-16th

Hocking Hills, Ohio // July 12th-14th

Cleveland, Ohio // July 19th-21st

Portland, Maine // August 22nd-25th

Indianapolis, Indiana // August 9-11th

San Francisco, California // October 4-7th

Lexington, Kentucky // November 9th

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