Twenty Eighteen: A Year In Review

Well, damn.

To say I’m in complete awe is an understatement. The exercise of looking back through the archives of 2018 became a time for me to reflect and relive my appreciation for those who let me in to document the moments below. It’s truly so humbling to look back on these images and know that they mean something to people in them. And to think that there are connections living beyond them blows me away - the new friends I’ve made and places visited that I never thought I would. It all stems from people trusting me to come into their lives and document it in my own way. Not just the happy moments, but the moments of loss and longing for those not present, or moments of trepidation that come before walking down the aisle. It’s all so real and true to a larger metaphor…of life as a whole. Here’s a small slice of it all below.

You’ve been good to me, 2018. See you soon, 2019.

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