In-Home Anniversary Session: Cincinnati, OH // Jessie + Andrew

When I have the chance to photograph past couples, it’s truly the biggest blessing. I know that sounds uber cheesy, but it’s beyond true. I photographed Jessie and Andrew’s wedding in 2017 and have been lucky enough to document each year in their lives since. They recently moved into a home built in 1853 and have been renovating it over the past year. The photos below depict a cold, Sunday morning spent together. They expressed a vision for this session right away, wanting these photos to depict where they are now in their lives. Not necessarily a lovey-dovey engagement session like prior to their wedding. We moved from room to room as they told me what their day-to-day looks like in each. Whether it be making coffee in the kitchen, eating meals in their living room, or cozying up by the fireplace everyday to read. Each piece of furniture and decor had purpose and meaning; it all represents who they are together.

This session is not the typical for me. It was out of my comfort zone to spend nearly 100% of my time letting them be, not guiding much at all. Andrew showed me his office and Jessie her paint studio (a recent hobby, she's decided to take on, like woah). All the while, their not so lil pup followed us around. This is the stuff that really gets me inspired, the everyday and seemingly mundane. Jessie and Andrew are true visionaries; I simply showed up with my camera to document.